Who we are?

Just Libra is a people focused business which works in partnership with organisations across a broad range of sectors, to improve business performance by creating the right balance between people and achieving successful business outcomes.

Our experience and expertise enables organisations and individuals to create thinking space to understand what their business stands for and how to manage change to deliver improved performance through the people who work with them.

Director Janet Richmond has a broad range of experience and proven track record in the successful development and delivery of programmes, working with many organisations including:

• Barclays
• Harvest Housing
• Northern Counties
• Your Housing
• Peninsula
• GM Procure

Our Approach

To achieve success through facilitating balance in organisations and demonstrating our values by:

• Working collaboratively to understand your business
• Being curious about what matters to you
• Providing an authentic experience in how we work with you
• Creatively using our capability and experience to deliver approaches that work for you
• Demonstrating energy and commitment to you
• Having the courage to be different

Working collaboratively to understand what your People Strategy needs to be and how to create a plan and approach which delivers a ‘real’ performance difference for your organisation.

Achieving the right balance between People and Performance is what differentiates successful organisations our approach is to work with business to deliver successful outcomes through:

• Translation of your Vision and Values into an Employer Brand, which drives employee engagement and improves performance.

• Enabling Leaders and Managers to understand their role in changing behaviour and creating a high performance culture.

• Building Leadership and Talent capability through focused learning interventions.

• Creating competency frameworks which underpin an organisation’s values.

• Coaching and creating a solution focused approach.

A successful organisation is made up of many key areas, products, services, processes, structures, technology and at the core are people.

Just Libra works to create the right strategy and framework, through diagnosis, to help bring about the improvements required.

By listening to and understanding the business challenges faced by clients, we are able to make the right connections to deliver a solution which relates to your needs

Adopting a partnership approach, we work closely with clients in understanding their organisation and business needs in the design and delivery of a bespoke solution that meets their requirements.
This approach enables both parties to see more accurately the scope of work required in:
• Anticipating and refining organisational approaches.
• Identifying the attitude and skills preparation required.
• Implementing personal and organisational change and performance improvement.

What makes us different?

At Just Libra we like to be different, by being the same…

The same?

Like all professionals, we have specific tools, techniques and processes that we use; they are tried and tested and they work.


It’s how we use our knowledge and experience, translating this into a bespoke service and approach for every client that gives us the authentic and creative edge that organisations value.

We are curious about our clients, engaging with them on a partnership level to really get to know what matters, and taking a collaborative approach which delivers successful outcomes.

What do we do?

One thing all organisations have in common is people.

Across all sectors, we have an appreciation of the fundamentals and the need to drive customer and commercial value.

Whether it’s management development, building leadership capability through coaching or organisational consultancy, real difference comes from balancing the needs of an organisation through both its learning and its people.

In engaging across all levels of an organisation whether large, medium or small, Just Libra finds that balance and delivers an outcome which helps to maintain it.