Project Description

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The Challenge

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) prides itself on putting quality at the centre of all it does. As one of the largest trusts in the UK, it provides support for people at every stage of life – in the community, at clinics, in hospitals and in prisons.

This supply of over 300 different health services across 150 sites in diverse communities requires CNWL’s 7,000 staff to work together throughout different departments and agencies. Whilst co-ordinating its staff, CNWL must also continue to provide treatment and advice to meet the changing needs of its patients and clients.

To meet these changing needs, CNWL embarked upon a strategic partnership with Channel 3 Consulting, experts in offering professional services for the health and social care sectors in the UK. Part of this development programme required the integration of a new ICT infrastructure. Janet Richmond, Director at Just Libra led the formulation and implementation of the new Operating Model and Organisational Design in collaboration with Larry Murphy, Executive Director of Information, Communication & Technology at CNWL.

Just Libra’s Approach

As with all of Just Libra’s projects, Janet began by examining the bare bones of the organisation in order to truly understand its real needs.

“Whilst I was working with the Director and Senior Leadership Team,” explained Janet, “I also needed to understand the rest of the structure of CNWL and its people to be able to provide an authentic and credible approach to change which would fit with the needs of their whole organisation.”

Using a version of the Burke Litwin Model (1992), Janet was able to gain a full insight into the Trust’s leadership, processes and systems, technical approach and culture.

A Capability, Capacity and Maturity (CCM) review of existing structures enabled the identification of future requirements and the resulting competencies framework enabled Janet to assist CNWL in planning for impending recruitment and/or training.

“Janet was curious and invested the time to really understand the challenges and issues of our business,” recalled Larry.  “She worked with the leadership team to shape and develop a common vision and purpose to drive the department forward,” Larry continued. “Along the way, she shared expertise and provided insights about leadership and how to leverage capability and capacity to benefit CNWL. Janet acted as coach for the leadership team and helped to create thinking space, which in turn improved the perspective and direction of the team.
“By working collaboratively, supportively challenging and using a range of leadership and coaching styles and techniques, a safe space was created to allow the team to express their varying points of view. Janet’s sensitive yet humorous and professional approach inspired trust, honesty and openness within the team.”

The Outcome

Together, CWNL and Janet gained a common understanding of the services that the Trust provided and an overview of the processes required to support service delivery. The proposed structure has leveraged benefits of reduced operating costs and increased quality, efficiency and effectiveness. This has resulted in improved customer service and greater transparency throughout the organisation. The new ICT department has been integrated into the Trust, allowing easy communication with other agencies at all levels. This has enabled employees and partners to take advantage of the benefits that improved technologies, modern mobile working solutions and faster networks will bring to patient care.

“Janet added strategic value and shaped new ways of working which future-proofed the Organisational Design,” said Larry. “She communicated comfortably and sensitively at all levels, and was able to influence and achieve consensus when working with the senior leadership team and with the Strategic Informatics Programme Leaders.
“Throughout, Janet demonstrated professionalism and the ability to understand and surface issues by coaching and facilitating in a solution-focussed way. She assisted in shaping a number of strong minded individuals into a rounded, cohesive, congruent team that otherwise would have floundered – she made a real difference.”