Project Description

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The Challenge


Between them, Greater Preston Clinical Commissioning Group and Chorley & South Ribble Clinical Commissioning Group cover a population of approximately 286,000 people. Tasked with planning, organising and procuring a range of NHS services, these CCGs must ensure equal and fair access to safe, effective and responsive health and social care through the region.

Run across 66 different GP Surgeries by local healthcare professionals such as family doctors, hospital doctors and nurses, the CCGs must also ensure value for money as well as embracing core values of accountability, honesty, professionalism and respect.

As new agencies, the CCGs needed to define and document an Organisational Development Strategy and supporting action plan that would take into consideration the current organisational climate and compliment the culture within each function.

Just Libra’s Approach

Using a collaborative methodology, Janet Richmond, Director at Just Libra led a series of focus groups and one-to-one meetings with the leadership team in order to establish the key objectives of the development plan.

“Together with the Chairs, we were able to outline the existing organisation and how they wanted it to be in the future,” says Janet. “We considered how the culture could be shaped by defining the values of the organisation and ultimately creating a shared understanding regarding the behaviours needed to demonstrate success. We then translated the strategy into a people plan, providing clarity about what employees needed to do in order to deliver successful business outcomes.”

This second stage involved all employees in an interactive process.

“Without engaging all those immersed in the organisational culture, there can be no guarantee that any process will be effective,” explains Janet. “Participants grow in their efficacy because they have a greater understanding and ability to apply a variety of approaches, developing greater personal insight and self-awareness.”

Having gained an understanding of the CCGs from all angles and assessed the capabilities of all those involved, Just Libra was able to map a competencies framework against the organisational values and objectives.  The senior management team was coached to explore and recognise the real value that they could bring by developing an authentic leadership style to enhance their own performance and also unlock the potential of their teams.

Right from the start, Janet impressed us with her efficient, professional manner,” says Mike Barker, Head of Corporate Services for NHS Greater Preston CCG and NHS Chorley & South Ribble CCG. “Her approach not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.”

The Outcome

Through the use of its four core services: Strategy, Culture and Employee Engagement; Leadership and Team Development; Leading Change; and Coaching for Success, Just Libra successfully guided the CCGs to a better understanding of their organisations, giving the leadership team the tools to recognise, utilise and develop capabilities to achieve a high performance culture.

“By partnering with Just Libra, we have been able to consistently maximize our overall understanding, knowledge and strategies for organisational development,” underlines Mike.

“Because of their years of experience and commercial expertise, Janet Richmond and Just Libra have been able to provide our Clinical Commissioning Groups with simple, effective solutions that will pave the way for significant business growth and organisational evolution. Our experience with Just Libra confirms to us that we’ve partnered with true leaders in the UK organisational development industry.”