Project Description

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is the UK’s first tenant and employee co-owned mutual housing society, with over 13,500 homes throughout the local area.

The aim of the project was to provide external support and additional resources to RBH, in its development of a new 10 year corporate strategy.

The approach

Just Libra worked in partnership with management consultancy DTP. The joint team worked closely with the RBH Steering Group to provide a wide range of consultation opportunities for the RBH management and executive teams to have input into the new strategy. This included facilitating creative away days, bringing ideas and suggestions from other similar projects we had delivered, and providing support to the Steering Group to drive the process through and deliver the desired outcomes. Throughout the project, our aim was to pass on skills and expertise to the Steering Group to enable them to take the work forward alone, without support, and to deliver similar projects in the future without assistance.

The outcome

The project achieved the ‘what’ in terms of the Corporate Strategy, but much more importantly, the whole of the leadership team is now working together as a much more cohesive team, and is ‘getting things done’. RBH launched the themes of the new Strategy at its staff conference recently and said the feedback was ‘amazing’ – 83% of employees said they understood the future direction of RBH and 70% of staff said they were now very positive about the future of RBH.

What they said

The help and support from Just Libra and DTP was invaluable in getting us started on this project, giving us clarity of purpose and direction while also keeping the momentum going. They helped us with the thinking and planning which was critical to success, effectively facilitated the sessions, inputted data and insight from the sector and pushed our ambition through positive challenge.”

Elaine Johnson, Head of Business Excellence

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